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2018 Team at Formula SAE Competition

Our Past and our Future

The University of Adelaide Motorsport Team was founded in 2001 to compete in the annual Formula SAE Australasia competition which began in 2000. With support from a wide range of loyal and invaluable sponsors, the team has set itself up to step into the top tier of the Australian competition in recent years.

Initially the team consisted of students doing their final year project but in 2010 we expanded to become an extracurricular project to include engineering students from all levels of study at The University of Adelaide. Furthering this, in 2011 we extended to include several Honours projects within the team. This provides an exciting mix of experience and knowledge with enthusiasm and innovation to further propel the team forward. In 2013, the team achieved its best result since its establishment with an astonishing 4th place. In 2015 we joined the Adelaide University Sports Association in order to found our new Motorsport club where we host events for motorsport enthusiasts who want to get to know like-minded people but may not be interested in joining the team. This lead to changing our name from the University of Adelaide Motorsport Team to the Adelaide University Motorsport Team to align with the standard naming practice of the University‚Äôs Sports Association. We look forward to developing our relationship with AU Sport and we thrive to redefine the learning environment in which we operate and to consistently build a competitive car.

In 2018, we dedicated our focus to the following aspects:

    • Develop an electric vehicle for 2018 competition
    • Knowledge development and retention for future years
    • Involvement in learning for all levels of engineering students
    • Definition of business and management elements
    • Development of a strong team culture

The University of Adelaide Motorsport Team wishes to thank all of our sponsors, supporters and students who have been a part of the project over the last sixteen years and look forward to their continued support.

Our Project and What We Do

The aim of the project is to design and manufacture a formula-style, open-wheeled vehicle to successfully perform in the Formula SAE Australasia competition. The Adelaide University Motorsport Team works together to design and engineer a solution that complies with the competition rules and regulations. For the students involved, the skills and knowledge gained are retained and passed on for the continued success of the team in future years.

The project gives students real world experience in business, project and team management, engineering, and develops their ability to work as a team. They develop research, analytical and problem solving skills as well as gain detailed knowledge of product engineering and manufacture. Students are also exposed to and are able to make contacts within engineering industries and are part of a world-wide and highly respected organisation: the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Last year, we created our first fully Electric Vehicle, which was highly successful in the 2018 Formula SAE Annual Competition, and the Formula Student Sydney Competition. 

For information about the motorsport club, see the about the club page