Quarterly Newsletter – October 2016

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the final instalment of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s quarterly newsletter for 2016. With competition just around the corner in December, the team is working harder than ever to prepare and present ADL-16. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our progress throughout 2016 through these newsletters. To keep you up to date closer to competition, we will be sending out two Competition Specials, one in the week prior to the competition, and one in the week following.

Until then, I wish you a happy and successful remainder of 2016!

Clare Nolan
Public Relations Manager 2016

Project Management News

2 months till competition…
Back on campus…
Our most advanced aerodynamic package ever…
And a teaser to the biggest announcement on the AUMT’s future since its inception in 2001…

The future is looking much brighter.

Welcome to the most challenging, but exciting, time of the year! While our engineering and business teams work frantically to ensure that competition in December is a successful attack on the top 10, the project management team has never stopped working towards this team’s future. With careful planning and management over the past two years, our efforts are starting to come to fruition with a recent grant from the University’s School of Mechanical Engineering to move our workshop back onto the North Terrace campus at the University of Adelaide!

Having a home again is one of the single greatest rewards to the members who have fought and continued to fight to keep this team going since the end of 2014. It is also a credit to the resolve of the newer members, who have made do without the opportunities of old and managed to stretch resources to incredibly thin limits. Additionally, we deeply appreciate the fact that our ability to continue at all since 2014 has been entirely due to the generous support of our sponsors. Ultimately, the skills we have gained from these last few challenging years have prepared us for an industry which faces its own challenges with increasing costs and competition, and sustainable innovation issues. And it is these skill sets and determination that are leading us into a new and exciting time for the team. Our future is looking much greener…

This year, on the 24th of November at the 2016 AUMT Launch Night, we will not only be revealing the 2016 car for the first time, but also the team’s future with an outline for the next 3 to 5 years. In the last few months, I have asked the team why we are here, what do we stand for, what do we want to achieve?  What does the university want to see? What about our community and sponsors? To succeed, we need to work smarter. We are innovating our future. What this means will be revealed on launch night.

To our sponsors, you will soon be receiving an invite to Launch Night 2016. At a new venue, with the brand new car and the team’s most ambitious but exciting future laid out to all of you, this will certainly be an event not to miss. To everyone that supports us, large and small, thank you for everything. We would not be in this position without you and look forward to showing how your contributions are changing students’ lives for the better, and shaping the team for years to come.


Jamie Morton
2016 Project Manager

Engineering Manager’s News

As winter finally departs, substantial changes have occurred to the AUMT’s car since our last newsletter in July. ADL-15 is no more and our team’s 2016 Formula SAE Australasia contender, ADL-16, has started to come together.
A wide range of components have been manufactured or are currently in production ready to be fitted to ADL-16, including a new aerodynamic package and bodywork, a promising paddleshift mechanism, an improved pedal box, and a new air intake for the engine. Whilst I don’t have space to list all of our projects here, I would like to pass on my thanks to all the AUMT members and valuable sponsors who have helped to bring these components into existence.
One noteworthy ongoing project is our team’s aerodynamic package. This is now starting to resemble the finished product, thanks to the continued efforts of Aerodynamic Team leaders Aidan Scanlon, Ryan Schulz, and Tim Engel, and their array of helpers. Pictured below are various patterns for the bodywork, side pods and wings, from which moulds and ultimately final products are currently being made.

Of course this would not be possible without the help of our valued sponsors. In particular, our thanks goes to Centre Line Patterns, for supplying all of the 3D CNC-machined foam patterns pictured above. Centre Line Patterns is a family owned and operated business which provides a wide range of modelling and machining services. The AUMT has highly valued being able to rely on Centre Line Services for their consistent, professional, and high quality work over the last few years. To Marc Grunwald and his team, thank you for all of your support!
The past fortnight has also seen the completion of our team’s Cost and Design reports for 2016. Formula SAE is a unique motorsport category, with a lot more to the competition than just producing a fast race car. Many of our team members have learned valuable report writing skills over recent weeks, which will no doubt enhance their future career prospects.
On this note, I would like to remind all of our sponsors as to what your support means. Not only do you provide us with valuable funds, equipment or services, but you also enable proactive university students to better themselves. Proof of this lies in the fact that over recent weeks, several of our team members have successfully applied for exciting work experience opportunities locally, interstate and overseas.
Please enjoy what remains of 2016. I look forward to seeing you at our team’s Launch Night on November 24th. As a taster, below is a portion of what to expect from ADL-16 come later this year.

Remember, only 55 sleeps remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2016…

Kailin Sullivan
Engineering Manager

Business Team News

With competition approaching ever faster, the business team has been hard at work securing materials, tools, and funds for those final challenges and surprises that tend to arise before December. Recently, this has lead us to create a GoFundMe campaign for donations up to $500, a first for the AUMT.

The campaign, which can be viewed here, has surprised and humbled us with the generosity of our family, friends, university colleagues, AUMT alumni, and wider community. The importance of these one-off donations should not be understated, as the money raised through GoFundMe has already allowed us to take crucial steps towards competition which may not have been possible otherwise.

However, supporting the progress of the team has not been the only recompense for our GoFundMe sponsors – We have also arranged an exciting variety of rewards across the different levels of donations, including official AUMT stickers, an exclusive High Definition Photo Package of ADL-15 (a taste of which is pictured below), and more. The full list of reward levels can be viewed on the GoFundMe page, linked below.


If you are also interested in helping the AUMT overcome the challenges of the last few weeks of preparing for competition, or if you’d simply like to get your hands on some exciting AUMT merchandise, please visit the link at:

Clare Nolan
Public Relations Manager

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