Quarterly Newsletter – July 2016

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the third instalment of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s quarterly newsletter for 2016. Having passed the half-way mark towards competition, the team is working harder than ever to prepare ADL-16. Finally seeing ADL-15 running on track for testing has given the team a much-needed boost to keep working!

For more team news and updates, please visit our social media pages, which are linked below. We hope you have been well. 

Kind regards,
Clare Nolan
2016 Business Editor

Engineering Manager’s News

Welcome back, my name is Kailin Sullivan, I am the Engineering Manager for the Adelaide University Motorsport Team and this is my quarterly news update.  

Where has the first half of the year gone?! It is now nearly the end of July and AUMT has made solid progress towards the design and manufacture of our 2016 Formula SAE Australasia contender, ADL-16.  

Headlining our recent engineering efforts is the return of the team’s 2015 car, ADL-15, to the test track. This has provided us with the chance to bed in our recently rebuilt Yamaha YZF-R6 engine and give new drivers some valuable seat time within the car.  

Before ADL-15 hit the track, we were treated to two engine dynamometer sessions and an engine tuning seminar at the Regency Park TAFE campus, courtesy of Lecturer Jamie Campbell. I’d like to pass on my thanks to Jamie; not only did you allow us to use your immaculate facilities, but you also provided us with valuable technical expertise and assistance.   

I am pleased to say that the engine rebuild has been a success. The motor is developing more power than before, running more reliably and has attracted positive comments from many of the car’s recent drivers. It even has considerably more tuning potential yet, offering further performance! 

It has been genuinely satisfying to see the car back on track again, as well as seeing some deserving new team members have their first drive. Some of their reactions when exiting the car were priceless! To these people, welcome properly to the team and please keep chipping away; now you see where all your effort and the support of our generous sponsors is directed. At our latest test day, we were also accompanied by selected members of Flinders Motorsport. It was a pleasure to share some track time, stories and advice with those from Flinders University’s fledgling Formula SAE team, who we hope to see in competition in December. 

In other news, the past week has seen the completion of design work towards the majority of the team’s engineering projects for 2016. We are now manufacturing a host of components, including the chassis, paddleshift, aerodynamic package, air intake, seat and firewall – the list goes on! This is where are number of our valued sponsors come into play, including Nuplex Composites (composite materials), BASF (paint and other supplies) and LASER 3D (laser cutting and metal materials) just to name a few. Thank you to all our sponsors, no matter how you contribute towards the team, for your support.  

I look forward to speaking to you next time, by which point we should be nearing the complete construction of ADL-16. Remember, only 132 sleeps remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2016… 

Kailin Sullivan
Engineering Manager

Business Manager’s News

The first semester has been and gone and competition is now fast approaching. The business team is hard at work organising upcoming events (including launch night!), finalising ADL-16’s livery, and working on the documents and presentations required at competition.

However, our hard work has not left our community responsibilities neglected: Last semester, team members and the team vehicle, as well as some members from the University of Adelaide Motorsport Club, organised a BBQ on campus to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Australia. The event was very successful, raising over $200. The team and club plan to co-host another event towards the end of the year, again raising money for a charity.

We have also been working on updating the website to better utilize this space, and will be pushing the changes to the website very soon. This will include updated events, pictures, and more information on our valued sponsors.

Finally, I would like to welcome our newest supporter, the Sporting Car Club of South Australia. I look forward to developing the relationship between our clubs and bringing some great events and opportunities to life.

Scott Adamson
Business Manager

Engineering News: A student engineer’s holiday homework

In spite of the university break, the Holden Labs have certainly been a hive of activity in the last few weeks!  In between testing on track, work on the new aerodynamics package, and the ADL-15 teardown, we have also managed to make great progress on finalising new parts and designs for ADL-16.

The teardown of ADL-15 was recently completed, and certainly proved the proverb ‘many hands made light work’! The process also provided a unique opportunity for new members to see the inner workings and parts of the car not usually on display.

Work has also progressed rapidly on our new aero package. We still have many hours to go on bringing our moulds to a polished surface, ready for the composite layup.

By the next update we aim to have ADL-16 running on track and getting competition-ready, so stay tuned for exciting updates!

Calum MacDougall
Student Engineer

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