Newsletter #2 – July 2017

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the second instalment of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s quarterly newsletter for 2017.

With half of the year now behind us, manufacture of ADL-17 is well underway and the team workshop is busier than ever. This has been fortuitously timed with Adelaide’s weather – it is much cosier in the workshop than it would be out testing on the track! At the same time, planning for our 2018 Electric Vehicle is also beginning to get underway.

Hoping you are well and staying warm,

Clare Nolan
Public Relations Manager 2017

Project Management News

Hello again, my name is Kailin Sullivan and this is my latest update as Project Manager for the Adelaide University Motorsport Team.
In my last article, I spoke about how quickly time flies. It continues to rush by, with the first half of 2017 coming to a close. Plenty has happened at AUMT during this time, as you will see below.
The manufacture of ADL-17, our team’s latest Formula SAE vehicle, is well underway. Our chassis has been constructed and all other surrounding components are in production, as Matt Howe, our Engineering Manager, will detail.
Our business team, led by Business Manager Rachael Crozier, has also been busy during the past three months. This group has attracted new sponsors and promoted our existing supporters at various promotional events.One such event was a recent interview with Channel Ten’s educational science show ‘Scope’, who put together a short video below about our team and FSAE. The video is available through the link here (skip to 20:20 for the AUMT segment).
AUMT was also pleased to take part in the inaugural Teakle Auto Sprint Port Lincoln, held over the Easter long weekend. Special thanks to the event’s organisers and the University of Adelaide for helping AUMT to attend the event. It was a resounding success and we are already planning for 2018’s edition!

Lastly, a big welcome to AUMT’s new recruits for 2017. It has been enjoyable to see you, our new team members, getting involved in various projects. Formula SAE is a special opportunity, giving you the chance to learn far more than what you can from your courses or a textbook, so grasp it with both hands and hang on for the ride!

Remember, only 150 sleeps remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2017…

Kailin Sullivan
Project Manager 2017

Engineering Manager’s News

The Engineering Team has been busy progressing from the design phase into full-blown manufacturing. ADL-17’s chassis is now complete, with the last of the tabs and mounts added over the past few weeks. For the first time, the chassis housed an engine, shown below, and had components bolted on.

This time of year always provides fantastic opportunities for some hands-on machinery experience for AUMT members. This year in particular we have been fortunate to have many of our members qualified to use equipment in the Mechanical Engineering workshop. This has allowed us to do many of the smaller manufacturing jobs ourselves, helping us to keep on top of our rebuild schedule.

We have also begun our aerodynamics package and air-intake manufacturing. Having sunk many hours (and dollars) into building 2016’s aerodynamics package, we have decided to try a new manufacturing method of 3D printing many of our moulds. After printing the moulds in the university’s printing lab, we will post-process the moulds (sand and solvent weld together) and infusion wrap them. So far we have tried test pieces which, though needing some refining as any first try does, look very promising. 

Our air-intake will be printed by Engineering Manager Assistant Josh Marich out of a dissolvable filament. The moulds of the air-intake (runner and plenum) will be wrapped, and the filament dissolved out, leaving a fully carbon fibre air-intake. This approach avoids the high costs of other methods, and gives the team a chance to try a new, and perhaps unconventional, manufacturing method.

AUMT has also been focused on developing our 2018 Electric Vehicle (EV). Over the past month the Management Team has been discussing how to tackle the monumental task of designing and building the brand new car. With exams recently finished, the newly developed EV team has already dived into this process. Their focus will be to develop a drivetrain to fit ADL-17’s chassis and compete in 2018 competition. I am sure there will be more to come in this space soon!

So with ADL-17 being manufactured and assembled, and ADL-E18 in the works, there is a lot for our team members to learn and complete by the years’ end…

Matthew Howe
Engineering Manager 2017

Business Team News

With competition rapidly approaching, the Business Team is hard at work organising upcoming events, finalising ADL-17’s livery, and commencing work on the various documents and presentations required at competition.

Firstly, thanks must go to our sponsors who have recently assisted us in making huge progress on manufacturing ADL-17. Centre Line Patterns helped us manufacture the Nose Cone Moulds as a part of our aerodynamics package. The moulds are shown in use below, being coated in resin and Q-Cell. 

Completing the chassis for ADL-17 was another major milestone, with a huge thank you to Laser3D for providing us with the jig, to enable us to assemble and weld our frame together.

Although manufacture of ADL-17 has demanded much of our time recently, the team has remained involved in community events.  Team members organised a BBQ on campus to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Australia, and also volunteered at the Sporting Car Club of South Australia’s All Historics’ Two Day Race Meeting. We look forward to hosting and helping out at more SCCSA and other events next semester.
Finally, AUMT have also been working on expanding our Electric Vehicle team, planned to enter completition in 2018, and are looking to find sponsors or contacts who could provide components or advice to help us with this foray into electric motors!  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in supporting us, please send an email to and I will be happy to start a conversation.
Again, thank you all for your ongoing support.
Rachael Crozier
Business Manager 2017