Newsletter #1 – April 2017

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the first instalment of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s quarterly newsletter for 2017.

With the University semester well under way, the team has already achieved some significant milestones, from inducting new members to finishing the chassis design, and volunteering at the All Historics Races in Mallala last weekend.

Hoping you are well and enjoying an equally productive start to 2017!

Clare Nolan
Public Relations Manager 2017

Project Management News

Hello, my name is Kailin Sullivan and I am the Project Manager for AUMT for 2017.

How quickly does time fly? A quarter of 2017 is now gone, seemingly soon after the start of the new year! Nonetheless, AUMT has some interesting news to report on.

As Matt Howe, our Engineering Manager, will explain, many of our designs for our 2017 Formula SAE vehicle are nearing production. In the case of some, such as our car’s chassis, manufacturing is already underway. 

In addition to our internal combustion powered car, a group of Final Year Project engineering students are currently developing designs for an electric vehicle. It will be interesting to watch their progress throughout the year.

AUMT has also started researching the possibility of an autonomous Formula style vehicle. The likelihood of a self-driving category in the Australasian Formula SAE competition is increasing, having commenced in Germany this year.

We are pleased to welcome sponsors old and new for 2017, as detailed by Rachael Crozier, our Business Manager. A shout out to all of our team’s sponsors and supporters; without your assistance, what we do would not be possible!  

Hopefully you saw AUMT at one of our recent promotional events, including the Clipsal 500 Adelaide (pictured below), RAA Street Smart High, or the Teakle Auto Sprint Port Lincoln. If not, hopefully we will see you at an upcoming event soon.

Remember, only 225 days remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2017…

Kailin Sullivan
Project Manager 2017

Engineering Manager’s News

My name is Matthew Howe and I am the Engineering Manager for 2017. 

2017 has already proven to be a busy year, so far consisting of a lot of design work, repairs, diagnosis and planning! To this end we have been taking the car out to Port Gawler, attempting to test ADL-16’s aerodynamics package. While engine problems have prevented us from testing to the extent we would like, these problems have been consistently debugged. We are planning to have ADL-16 back on track for aerodynamic validation in the coming weeks, before the tear-down commences in the mid-year university break in June.

ADL-17’s chassis is also nearing completion. This year’s design features an improved space frame design, aiming to lower the centre of gravity and improve vehicle dynamics. The chassis is waiting on welding, to be completed in the coming days. 

Completion of this chassis will lead into assembly of the new suspension system. ADL-17 this year will be built with as many newly designed or refurbished parts as possible, in order to increase the reliability of the vehicle for competition in December 2017.

The Engineering Team’s main goal for 2017 is to get ADL-17 up and running earlier this year, in order to validate our new designs at the start of semester 2, and maximise our time out on the track to train and select our competition drivers.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this team and helping make this incredible learning experience a reality for Adelaide University students, many of us gain crucial skills through this team which we will carry on throughout our careers!

Matthew Howe
Engineering Manager 2017

Business Team News

My name is Rachael Crozier and I am the Business Manager for 2017. 

This year, the Business Team is looking for new areas of support, as well as new opportunities to give back to the community that already supports us.  Already this year we have already been busy with both community and sponsor involvement.

Firstly, the team was thrilled to invite clients from MS Australia to join us at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. We set up a stall for the event and spoke to hundreds of motorsport enthusiasts and students both about the car and how to be involved with STEM at University.  We were also pleased to attend RAA Street Smart High, helping to promote road safety education as well as giving some keen students an insight into the team and the car.


A Platinum Sponsor for 2017, the Sporting Car Club of South Australia graciously invited us to present our car and some information about AUMT to their members at their General Meeting.  The car was on display all evening and we had many SCCSA members come up and ask the team members questions, as well as provide some valuable advice.  We want to thank the SCCSA for this opportunity, and can’t wait to hold more events like this with you in the future.

The team has just finished inducting over 30 new members for the 2017 season, almost doubling our previous team size. This year, we have students coming not only from engineering but other areas as diverse as commerce, law, media, and psychology.

2017 is off to a great start; having retained many of our 2016 sponsors, including GPA Engineering, we have also gained some new sponsors, including Saab Australia. Without the ongoing support of our sponsors, none of what we want to achieve could be possible. We are excited to continue building these relationships throughout 2017.

Rachael Crozier
Business Manager 2017