Launch Night 2016 + Exciting Announcement!

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends,
On November 24th we were extremely proud to reveal our new challenger, ADL-16. With sponsors, team members, and family in attendance, the night was a huge success. Our special thanks goes to the Sporting Car Club of South Australia for providing the venue for the night.

For those who were unable to attend, we have produced a special newsletter to outline some key announcements made that night as well as some stunning pictures of the car. Additionally, we filmed a live stream of the speeches and official reveal, which can be found on our Facebook page.

With our first ever 3D wing aerodynamics package and Electronic Shifter, ADL-16 brings some significant performance parts to the table. Along with a new air intake, an engine rebuilt from the ground up, and new exhaust package, ADL-16’s upgrades give us a great chance to break back into the top 10 of FSAE teams, and maybe even further.

The night also provided a reminder of how much we have to thank everyone for their continued support. It is namely your support and generosity that creates this fantastic opportunity for students from any degree, at any level, to grow and develop their technical, professional, and even life skills.

With the 2016 FSAE competition kicking off this Thursday the 8th of December, the next week will prove extremely busy for us. Stay tuned to our social media, as we look forward to bringing you all the action from Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne.

Kind regards,

Jamie Morton
Project Manager 2016

Announcement – AUMT FSAE Electric and Autonomous Teams

While the past years have been challenging, it is time to close that chapter and begin a new one. With an incredible amount of work from management and the team, and support from our sponsors, the team is in a position to expand and create more opportunities for students to develop, learn and innovate. AUMT will no longer be one team, but three.
IC, Internal combustion / EV, Electric vehicle / AV, Autonomous Vehicle
Looking at our underlying aim of innovation, demand in the ever-changing market, and a desire from students and the University to evolve and push the boundaries of our abilities, we are creating the University of Adelaide’s first ever FSAE Electric Vehicle Team and the radical FSAE Autonomous Vehicle team.  This is not a short-term strategy, and will be undertaken in several stages – The first being a wave of Final Year Projects from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Students in 2017 to develop the electrical drivetrain package, as well as make advances in Chassis, Suspension and Aerodynamic designs for both the IC and EV Vehicles.  2017 will be purely a design and test year for the EV team, with its first competition in 2018. On the AV side, 2017 will begin with feasibility studies and some small-scale research, building momentum to beginning full development in 2019.

With this strategy comes significant structural changes, which we will detail to you all in early 2017. What we can tell you now is that:

  • The three teams will run under the AUMT banner, with IC, EV and AC tags differentiating the teams.
  • While the teams will have a project and engineering manager, there will be a Global Management and Business group falling under the Adelaide University Motorsport Club banner. This means there will be one business team dealing with all sponsorship and event matters for all three teams.

This management structure is intended to allow the team managers to purely focus on the team and car themselves, with the AUMC management governing direction and developing and maintaining administration process such as finances, OHS, Long-Term Strategy/Security, Direction, Recruitment and Events. We believe this change will help us produce our best cars ever, while opening more doors to students looking for management experience.

We are incredibly excited, and with these changes your support will touch many more students and promote you to a wider range of audiences. This opportunity is daunting and will certainly not be easy, but with your support we feel confident in our ability to bring this innovation into reality. We hope you are equally excited about these developments, and are looking forward to taking this journey with us.

Kind regards,

Jamie Morton
Project Manager 2016