Newsletter #3 – November 2017

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s third newsletter for 2017.

Not long now until our 2017 Launch Party, where we reveal ADL-17, our team’s 2017 Formula SAE car, and say thank you for all of your valuable support.

AUMT Launch Party 2017

AUMT’s 2017 Launch Party is fast approaching, to be held tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!) evening.  This is an night devoted to our sponsors and supporters, plus our family and friends. 

If you have not already done so, please RSVP to


6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm Start
Friday, 24 November 2017

Sporting Car Club of SA
51 King William Rd, Unley 5061

Finger Food Provided
Licensed Bar Facilities Available

AU Sport: Blues Awards

Hot off the press, last night the Adelaide University Motorsport Club celebrated its affiliation with Adelaide University Sport, our university’s sports association.

As an AU Sport Club, incorporating our Formula SAE team, AUMC has many benefits.

The Club runs social events such as F1 GP nights and the Go Kart Championship, as well as offering increased promotional and recruiting opportunities for AUMT.

Kailin Sullivan, AUMC President and AUMT Project Manager, collected the Club’s Certificate of Affiliation at the AU Sport Blues Awards.

Club membership is open to the general public as well as students at the University of Adelaide.

Engineering in Brief

ADL-17 is set to be revealed at our upcoming Launch Party, including a wide range of new components.

Meantime, design work continues towards the electric powertrain for ADL-18.

Community Involvement: Science Alive!

Together with the University of Adelaide, AUMT recently attended Science Alive!

Here we displayed the chassis from the recently retired ADL-16.

Our team was excited to show off what we do, promoting our sponsors and the benefits of studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the University of Adelaide.

Sponsor Shoutout!

A huge thank you to Calm Aluminium, a new-for-2017 AUMT gold sponsor!

Calm Aluminium’s generous assistance has provided AUMT with a range of aluminium plate, sheet and tube material, which has been machined, welded, cut and shaped to form many parts of ADL-17.

If you need aluminium for any application, make sure to head to to check out Calm Aluminium’s product range.

Next Stop; FSAE-A Competition 2017

Only 14 sleeps remain until the Formula SAE – Australasia competition for 2017!

AUMT will be there, aiming for improved results in all dynamic and static events.

Make sure you follow us on social media to keep up-to-speed with all the competition action.

Newsletter #2 – July 2017

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the second instalment of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s quarterly newsletter for 2017.

With half of the year now behind us, manufacture of ADL-17 is well underway and the team workshop is busier than ever. This has been fortuitously timed with Adelaide’s weather – it is much cosier in the workshop than it would be out testing on the track! At the same time, planning for our 2018 Electric Vehicle is also beginning to get underway.

Hoping you are well and staying warm,

Clare Nolan
Public Relations Manager 2017

Project Management News

Hello again, my name is Kailin Sullivan and this is my latest update as Project Manager for the Adelaide University Motorsport Team.
In my last article, I spoke about how quickly time flies. It continues to rush by, with the first half of 2017 coming to a close. Plenty has happened at AUMT during this time, as you will see below.
The manufacture of ADL-17, our team’s latest Formula SAE vehicle, is well underway. Our chassis has been constructed and all other surrounding components are in production, as Matt Howe, our Engineering Manager, will detail.
Our business team, led by Business Manager Rachael Crozier, has also been busy during the past three months. This group has attracted new sponsors and promoted our existing supporters at various promotional events.One such event was a recent interview with Channel Ten’s educational science show ‘Scope’, who put together a short video below about our team and FSAE. The video is available through the link here (skip to 20:20 for the AUMT segment).
AUMT was also pleased to take part in the inaugural Teakle Auto Sprint Port Lincoln, held over the Easter long weekend. Special thanks to the event’s organisers and the University of Adelaide for helping AUMT to attend the event. It was a resounding success and we are already planning for 2018’s edition!

Lastly, a big welcome to AUMT’s new recruits for 2017. It has been enjoyable to see you, our new team members, getting involved in various projects. Formula SAE is a special opportunity, giving you the chance to learn far more than what you can from your courses or a textbook, so grasp it with both hands and hang on for the ride!

Remember, only 150 sleeps remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2017…

Kailin Sullivan
Project Manager 2017

Engineering Manager’s News

The Engineering Team has been busy progressing from the design phase into full-blown manufacturing. ADL-17’s chassis is now complete, with the last of the tabs and mounts added over the past few weeks. For the first time, the chassis housed an engine, shown below, and had components bolted on.

This time of year always provides fantastic opportunities for some hands-on machinery experience for AUMT members. This year in particular we have been fortunate to have many of our members qualified to use equipment in the Mechanical Engineering workshop. This has allowed us to do many of the smaller manufacturing jobs ourselves, helping us to keep on top of our rebuild schedule.

We have also begun our aerodynamics package and air-intake manufacturing. Having sunk many hours (and dollars) into building 2016’s aerodynamics package, we have decided to try a new manufacturing method of 3D printing many of our moulds. After printing the moulds in the university’s printing lab, we will post-process the moulds (sand and solvent weld together) and infusion wrap them. So far we have tried test pieces which, though needing some refining as any first try does, look very promising. 

Our air-intake will be printed by Engineering Manager Assistant Josh Marich out of a dissolvable filament. The moulds of the air-intake (runner and plenum) will be wrapped, and the filament dissolved out, leaving a fully carbon fibre air-intake. This approach avoids the high costs of other methods, and gives the team a chance to try a new, and perhaps unconventional, manufacturing method.

AUMT has also been focused on developing our 2018 Electric Vehicle (EV). Over the past month the Management Team has been discussing how to tackle the monumental task of designing and building the brand new car. With exams recently finished, the newly developed EV team has already dived into this process. Their focus will be to develop a drivetrain to fit ADL-17’s chassis and compete in 2018 competition. I am sure there will be more to come in this space soon!

So with ADL-17 being manufactured and assembled, and ADL-E18 in the works, there is a lot for our team members to learn and complete by the years’ end…

Matthew Howe
Engineering Manager 2017

Business Team News

With competition rapidly approaching, the Business Team is hard at work organising upcoming events, finalising ADL-17’s livery, and commencing work on the various documents and presentations required at competition.

Firstly, thanks must go to our sponsors who have recently assisted us in making huge progress on manufacturing ADL-17. Centre Line Patterns helped us manufacture the Nose Cone Moulds as a part of our aerodynamics package. The moulds are shown in use below, being coated in resin and Q-Cell. 

Completing the chassis for ADL-17 was another major milestone, with a huge thank you to Laser3D for providing us with the jig, to enable us to assemble and weld our frame together.

Although manufacture of ADL-17 has demanded much of our time recently, the team has remained involved in community events.  Team members organised a BBQ on campus to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Australia, and also volunteered at the Sporting Car Club of South Australia’s All Historics’ Two Day Race Meeting. We look forward to hosting and helping out at more SCCSA and other events next semester.
Finally, AUMT have also been working on expanding our Electric Vehicle team, planned to enter completition in 2018, and are looking to find sponsors or contacts who could provide components or advice to help us with this foray into electric motors!  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in supporting us, please send an email to and I will be happy to start a conversation.
Again, thank you all for your ongoing support.
Rachael Crozier
Business Manager 2017

Newsletter #1 – April 2017

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends, welcome to the first instalment of the Adelaide University Motorsport Team’s quarterly newsletter for 2017.

With the University semester well under way, the team has already achieved some significant milestones, from inducting new members to finishing the chassis design, and volunteering at the All Historics Races in Mallala last weekend.

Hoping you are well and enjoying an equally productive start to 2017!

Clare Nolan
Public Relations Manager 2017

Project Management News

Hello, my name is Kailin Sullivan and I am the Project Manager for AUMT for 2017.

How quickly does time fly? A quarter of 2017 is now gone, seemingly soon after the start of the new year! Nonetheless, AUMT has some interesting news to report on.

As Matt Howe, our Engineering Manager, will explain, many of our designs for our 2017 Formula SAE vehicle are nearing production. In the case of some, such as our car’s chassis, manufacturing is already underway. 

In addition to our internal combustion powered car, a group of Final Year Project engineering students are currently developing designs for an electric vehicle. It will be interesting to watch their progress throughout the year.

AUMT has also started researching the possibility of an autonomous Formula style vehicle. The likelihood of a self-driving category in the Australasian Formula SAE competition is increasing, having commenced in Germany this year.

We are pleased to welcome sponsors old and new for 2017, as detailed by Rachael Crozier, our Business Manager. A shout out to all of our team’s sponsors and supporters; without your assistance, what we do would not be possible!  

Hopefully you saw AUMT at one of our recent promotional events, including the Clipsal 500 Adelaide (pictured below), RAA Street Smart High, or the Teakle Auto Sprint Port Lincoln. If not, hopefully we will see you at an upcoming event soon.

Remember, only 225 days remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2017…

Kailin Sullivan
Project Manager 2017

Engineering Manager’s News

My name is Matthew Howe and I am the Engineering Manager for 2017. 

2017 has already proven to be a busy year, so far consisting of a lot of design work, repairs, diagnosis and planning! To this end we have been taking the car out to Port Gawler, attempting to test ADL-16’s aerodynamics package. While engine problems have prevented us from testing to the extent we would like, these problems have been consistently debugged. We are planning to have ADL-16 back on track for aerodynamic validation in the coming weeks, before the tear-down commences in the mid-year university break in June.

ADL-17’s chassis is also nearing completion. This year’s design features an improved space frame design, aiming to lower the centre of gravity and improve vehicle dynamics. The chassis is waiting on welding, to be completed in the coming days. 

Completion of this chassis will lead into assembly of the new suspension system. ADL-17 this year will be built with as many newly designed or refurbished parts as possible, in order to increase the reliability of the vehicle for competition in December 2017.

The Engineering Team’s main goal for 2017 is to get ADL-17 up and running earlier this year, in order to validate our new designs at the start of semester 2, and maximise our time out on the track to train and select our competition drivers.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this team and helping make this incredible learning experience a reality for Adelaide University students, many of us gain crucial skills through this team which we will carry on throughout our careers!

Matthew Howe
Engineering Manager 2017

Business Team News

My name is Rachael Crozier and I am the Business Manager for 2017. 

This year, the Business Team is looking for new areas of support, as well as new opportunities to give back to the community that already supports us.  Already this year we have already been busy with both community and sponsor involvement.

Firstly, the team was thrilled to invite clients from MS Australia to join us at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. We set up a stall for the event and spoke to hundreds of motorsport enthusiasts and students both about the car and how to be involved with STEM at University.  We were also pleased to attend RAA Street Smart High, helping to promote road safety education as well as giving some keen students an insight into the team and the car.


A Platinum Sponsor for 2017, the Sporting Car Club of South Australia graciously invited us to present our car and some information about AUMT to their members at their General Meeting.  The car was on display all evening and we had many SCCSA members come up and ask the team members questions, as well as provide some valuable advice.  We want to thank the SCCSA for this opportunity, and can’t wait to hold more events like this with you in the future.

The team has just finished inducting over 30 new members for the 2017 season, almost doubling our previous team size. This year, we have students coming not only from engineering but other areas as diverse as commerce, law, media, and psychology.

2017 is off to a great start; having retained many of our 2016 sponsors, including GPA Engineering, we have also gained some new sponsors, including Saab Australia. Without the ongoing support of our sponsors, none of what we want to achieve could be possible. We are excited to continue building these relationships throughout 2017.

Rachael Crozier
Business Manager 2017

Post-Competition Newsletter 2016

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends,

With the conclusion of the FSAE-A competition for 2016, our preparations for 2017 are already well underway! However, the change of year also marks a change in management for the team, with the departure of our 2016 Project Manager Jamie Morton, to be replaced by our 2016 Engineering Manager, Kailin Sullivan.

This final newsletter for the 2016 season includes a summary from each of our managers, looking back at the highs and lows of the past year. 

I hope you are well and enjoying the fresh start that 2017 brings.

Kind regards,

Clare Nolan
2016 Business Editor

Project Manager’s Summary

This being the last article I will write as the Project Manager of the team, there is so much I would love to say about our achievements last year. However, I will be brief. Some of the highlights of 2016 included:

  • Beginning relationships with new sponsors, as well as retaining sponsors who have been with us for many years.
  • Collecting over $1500 of donations from family and friends through our Go-Fund-Me campaign.
  • Raising over $400 in donations for MS Australia.
  • Regaining support from the University for an on-campus workshop for the team.
  • Creating our first 3D Aerodynamics Package, with trials on the electric shift system well on their way.
And last but not least, finishing 10th out of 22 teams for the Internal Combustion Cars, and 15th out of 32 teams overall, at the 2016 Formula SAE-A Competition! Please click here for a more detailed break down of results.

2017 promises to build on these achievements, with a new management team lead by Kailin Sullivan (the 2016 Engineering Manager), Matthew Howe as the Engineering Manager and Aidan Scanlon as the Technical Director. Our senior members will be leading the charge on the Electrical Vehicle development in 2017 to compete in the 2018 FSAE-A competition. Launching these new vehicles will be a fresh challenge for the team, but our results in 2016 have validated our ability to achieve, even with limited resources. We go into 2017 only hungrier to out-perform ourselves this year and next.

Thank you for your continued trust and generosity. Through your support, you have helped bring opportunities to students who wanted to do more, learn more, develop and to try new things outside the regular structure of their degrees. Besides the technical skills of building a race car, our members experience the soft skills that are so crucial in any workplace today, not to mention the friendships and enjoyment gained from working with a large team on a common goal.

While my period leading the team is concluding, I cannot wait to see what the team and its supporters achieve over the coming years. I couldn’t be prouder of those taking my place. Good luck to all with your endeavours in the New Year.

Kind regards,

Jamie Morton
2016 Project Manager

Engineering Manager’s Summary

This is my most satisfying newsletter article to write for the year, telling you about our successes at the recent Formula SAE Australasia competition. All of this could not have been possible without our team members, and, of course, our sponsors and supporters.
The team achieved many of our various goals at the 2016 Competition. We improved our scores in the Cost and Engineering Design events, plus we finished every dynamic event. We placed 15th overall, and in the top ten for internal combustion vehicles. This is something that everyone in our team can be proud of, while still leaving us plenty of room to improve in the future. We can look back fondly at our finished product, ADL-16.

ADL-16 in action during the Autocross event

To our team members, a big thank you! While there were plenty of early mornings, late nights and long days, I hope that you have gained as much from 2016 as I have. Not only did you help to design, build and compete a race car, but you also put your careers one step ahead of many other young engineers, marketers and business people.
To our sponsors and supporters, including our friends and families, thank you for your help. Your contribution, be it time, money, advice or support, went a long way to help us achieve what we did.

Celebrations after completing the Endurance event

Despite the last FSAE year being barely over, our team has already commenced planning in earnest for 2017. This looks like an exciting year, especially given where we can head from our recent successes.
To a certain extent, 2017 makes a changing of the guard for the Adelaide University Motorsport Team, with new management keen to lead the team further. I would like to take this chance to say thank you to Jamie Morton, our outgoing Project Manager. Although I will do my best, your efforts will not be easy to follow. To Matt Howe, my successor as Engineering Manager, and Aidan Scanlon and Calum MacDougall, our new Technical Directors, welcome aboard. I am keen to see you grow further from your previous junior management roles.
I look forward to seeing you all, team members, sponsors and supporters, throughout the 2017 Formula SAE year.
Remember, only 332 sleeps remain until Formula SAE Australasia 2017…

Kailin Sullivan
2016 Engineering Manager

Business Manager’s Summary

2016 has been another challenging, but exciting year. First and foremost, I must thank all the team’s sponsors, without whom this project would not exist. As Business Manager,  I have enjoyed getting to know all our sponsors, and working on building strong relationships with those who support the team.

As I mentioned, this year has seen a significant increase in the team’s involvement in external events and community. From the university’s O-Week in March 2016, where the team and vehicle were on display and eager to talk to new students, to visiting the Clipsal 500 Adelaide, where we enjoyed presenting the team to the wider public. The team also displayed at the Adelaide University final year project exposition, Ingenuity, to industry representatives and the public. At the end of Semester 1 and 2 the Club and Team held fundraising BBQs on campus, raising over $400 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA. These are just a few of the events which the team attended in 2016. We are already planning for more events in 2017, including a Sponsor Drive Day in the summer.

Left to right: BBQ for the MS Foundation in November; Presenting to new students at O-Week in March 2016; ADL-15 at RAA Street Smart in July 2016.

2017 is set to be an exciting year with the opportunities that will arise for both the internal combustion and the electric vehicles. We thank you for your continued interest in the team, and hope you have had a safe and enjoyable New Year.

Many thanks,

Scott Adamson
2016 Business Manager

Launch Night 2016 + Exciting Announcement!

Sponsors, supporters, family and friends,
On November 24th we were extremely proud to reveal our new challenger, ADL-16. With sponsors, team members, and family in attendance, the night was a huge success. Our special thanks goes to the Sporting Car Club of South Australia for providing the venue for the night.

For those who were unable to attend, we have produced a special newsletter to outline some key announcements made that night as well as some stunning pictures of the car. Additionally, we filmed a live stream of the speeches and official reveal, which can be found on our Facebook page.

With our first ever 3D wing aerodynamics package and Electronic Shifter, ADL-16 brings some significant performance parts to the table. Along with a new air intake, an engine rebuilt from the ground up, and new exhaust package, ADL-16’s upgrades give us a great chance to break back into the top 10 of FSAE teams, and maybe even further.

The night also provided a reminder of how much we have to thank everyone for their continued support. It is namely your support and generosity that creates this fantastic opportunity for students from any degree, at any level, to grow and develop their technical, professional, and even life skills.

With the 2016 FSAE competition kicking off this Thursday the 8th of December, the next week will prove extremely busy for us. Stay tuned to our social media, as we look forward to bringing you all the action from Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne.

Kind regards,

Jamie Morton
Project Manager 2016

Announcement – AUMT FSAE Electric and Autonomous Teams

While the past years have been challenging, it is time to close that chapter and begin a new one. With an incredible amount of work from management and the team, and support from our sponsors, the team is in a position to expand and create more opportunities for students to develop, learn and innovate. AUMT will no longer be one team, but three.
IC, Internal combustion / EV, Electric vehicle / AV, Autonomous Vehicle
Looking at our underlying aim of innovation, demand in the ever-changing market, and a desire from students and the University to evolve and push the boundaries of our abilities, we are creating the University of Adelaide’s first ever FSAE Electric Vehicle Team and the radical FSAE Autonomous Vehicle team.  This is not a short-term strategy, and will be undertaken in several stages – The first being a wave of Final Year Projects from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Students in 2017 to develop the electrical drivetrain package, as well as make advances in Chassis, Suspension and Aerodynamic designs for both the IC and EV Vehicles.  2017 will be purely a design and test year for the EV team, with its first competition in 2018. On the AV side, 2017 will begin with feasibility studies and some small-scale research, building momentum to beginning full development in 2019.

With this strategy comes significant structural changes, which we will detail to you all in early 2017. What we can tell you now is that:

  • The three teams will run under the AUMT banner, with IC, EV and AC tags differentiating the teams.
  • While the teams will have a project and engineering manager, there will be a Global Management and Business group falling under the Adelaide University Motorsport Club banner. This means there will be one business team dealing with all sponsorship and event matters for all three teams.

This management structure is intended to allow the team managers to purely focus on the team and car themselves, with the AUMC management governing direction and developing and maintaining administration process such as finances, OHS, Long-Term Strategy/Security, Direction, Recruitment and Events. We believe this change will help us produce our best cars ever, while opening more doors to students looking for management experience.

We are incredibly excited, and with these changes your support will touch many more students and promote you to a wider range of audiences. This opportunity is daunting and will certainly not be easy, but with your support we feel confident in our ability to bring this innovation into reality. We hope you are equally excited about these developments, and are looking forward to taking this journey with us.

Kind regards,

Jamie Morton
Project Manager 2016